The symbol



The logo of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018 depicts three of the symbols representing most clearly the Bulgarian identity – the Cyrillic Alphabet, traditional embroidery and the national tricolore. The logo reflects the idea that Bulgaria is an integral part of Europe and at the same time unique among the other countries in the Community.  

The artist Todor Angeliev is the author, and his design was selected by a professional jury guided by the idea of an original and innovative author’s design.

The visual identity of the Bulgarian Presidency is in the colours of the European Union. The elements are borrowed from the stars in the flag of the Union. The authors are a team of artists from the National Academy of Fine Arts -  Svetlin Balezdrov, Nenko Atanasov and Milena Abanos. Consultants: Prof.  Georgi Yankov and Assoc. Prof. Miroslav Bogdanov.



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