World Theatre in Sofia







National Palace of Culture

Guest theatre and dance companies from Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Slovenia will perform on the stages of the National Palace of Culture (NDK), and the National Theatre. Parallel series of workshops with the audience and with art students are planned as well as film screenings and critical debates.

June 4, 19:00  National Palace of Culture   Azaryan Theatre, Hakanai, Adrien M & Claire B, Lion, France.

June 8, 19:00  National Palace of Culture, Azaryan Theatre, Circeo, Theatre national de la Dance - Chaillot, France.
Le Supplici – Bolognia, Italy; Kinkaleri – Bolognia, Italy.

June 18, 19, 19:00  National Theatre Ivan Vazov, Macht und Widerstand, Theatre Hanover, Germany.

More information about the event here

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